About the project

We aim to create a marketplace to offer you valuable services


Predominantly, rural areas make up half of Europe and represent around 20 % of the population. However, most of them are also among the least favored regions in the EU, with a GDP per head significantly below the European average.

Lower incomes and less opportunities, a shrinking and older population, poor access to healthcare and education: this is the stereotypical picture of the European rural areas.

In this context, dRural will inject new chances for the development of European rural areas and communities. The project aims to co-develop and roll up a digital marketplace of services for people living in those areas, while creating jobs and opportunities for economic growth and quality of life improvement


We have a big ambition: to become the principal service marketplace for all European Rural Areas

In order to reach this objective, we’ve devised a series of activities aimed to:

  • Engage a critical mass of rural citizens, businesses and key stakeholders to build an ecosystem of users and service providers;
  • Co-develop a user-friendly digital marketplace, which will be iteratively developed, tested, improved and validated together with the ecosystem of end users and service providers, ensuring full engagement of all relevant actors;
  • Support sustainable post-project exploitation of the marketplace in dRural regions as well as its further uptake and replication in rural regions from across Europe.

Expected impacts

To improve the quality of life in rural areas through the digital transformation in the service delivery

The attain to this impact through the following action:

  • Validate the services marketplace by an increase of cross-cutting applications and services
  • Demonstrate the benefits of data sharing across platforms from different sectors
  • Demonstrate and show-case sectorial platforms interoperability
  • Explore and validate new industry and business processes and innovative business models in the pilots
  • Overcome the digital divide between rural and urban areas by developing the potential offered by connectivity and digitalisation of rural areas

The main assets of our project

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