dRural Complex Services Call winners

Press Release − 30 May 2023

The dRural Open Call for Services closed on 15 January, 2023. Now the project is ready to announce the winners of the Complex Services.

dRural calls for innovative services focused on looking for Simple and Complex Services. Both are offered through the dRural marketplaces.
Here you find the winners for Complex Services divided by region:



Cropt is a deep tech startup that develops AI solutions to revolutionise agriculture in an efficient and sustainable way. It was founded in 2019 as a BioSense Institute spin-off based on the winning solutions at the Syngenta Crop Challenge 2017 and Inspire Challenge 2018, by Dr Sanja Brdar and Dr Oskar Marko. The company has so far successfully transformed academic results into tangible results distributed through the Space Garden platform that offers yield prediction and big data analytics services to farmers, banks, insurance companies and other stakeholders.
To learn more, visit their website.
Contact: Dr Oskar Marko

Elmibit d.o.o.

Elmibit is a digital agriculture solutions company. We help the farming industry to improve management of plantations by delivering insight required for better decisions,  and to improve work processes on the farm with our services eVineyard and eOrchard. These services are management software solutions used in grape-, fruit- and nut-growing organizations and farms of various sizes, from micro family holdings all the way to major cooperatives and producers in the regions. In the dRural project, several functionalities of the eVineyard/eOrchard software will be used in Dubrovnik-Neretva region to provide added marketing and process value to farmers by enabling them to better provide information about their crops and link their sales with dRural platform.
To learn more, visit their websites: www.elmibit.comwww.evineyardapp.com
Contact: info@evineyardapp.com


Tourlife.eu is an innovative European travel guide and magazine. It combines 3 services in one application. Tourlife.eu’s online travel directory provides all the information and services travellers may need in a variety of categories and subcategories, in all languages. Tourlife.eu. is also a tour magazine organized in sections: “News”, “Tourlife Opinions’’, “Add Your Operation”, “Share Your Experience’’. The combination of magazine and travel directory tangent to interactive map turns it into the ultimate online travel guide.
To learn more, visit their website.
Contact: George Avouris – +30 6950667780

Reducos Software j.d.o.o.

Reducos Software is a micro-scale company from Croatia, founded in 2019 and specializing in short food supply chain (SFC) development and optimization. Our digital platform is designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of SFCs, helping small-scale producers digitize and optimize their processes. We also operate our own SFC, Plodovi.hr, using our proprietary technology. Our local market serves as a model for optimizing SFCs and reducing complexities. Our ultimate goal is to become an internationally recognized partner in kick-starting SFCs and helping them compete with FMCG chains.
To learn more, visit their website.


Care Across

Care Across Ltd is a digital health company focusing on cancer, offering patients personalised support via online interactive multilingual platforms that address challenges such as side effects, nutrition, physical activity, emotional well-being etc. These evidence-based services have been proven to help reduce patients’ side effects, and are benefiting several thousands of patients in many countries. The platforms also provide clinicians with remote patient monitoring and other services, in clinical trials and beyond.
Finally, the company collaborates with several industrial partners for digital health services.
To learn more, visit their website.


Vidavo is a leading e-health enabler connecting citizens and healthcare providers, making healthcare accessible to all. Its technology aims to deliver more personalized and patient-centered care while improving clinical outcomes and reducing costs. Vidavo’s main product, Vida24 (CE class IIa certified) is an ecosystem of medical devices, mobile apps and web platforms, where medical experts, patients and caregivers can share medical data. The software is constantly evolving to keep up with the technological evolution of the supported medical devices and the progress of science.
To learn more, visit their website.

Adhoc IT Consulting

Adhoc IT Consulting began its activity in 2005. Their guiding values are simplicity, honesty and creativity. They work with various quality and safety standards such as ISO 9001 and 27001 and develop innovative projects, always providing differential added value to them. They have experience in the world of industry 4.0. Adhoc IT Consulting has developed the “MiCentro” challenge in the field of health, COOKCHAIN in agrofood, the small smart villages project incorporates simple and economic models as well as different ecosystems in public environments. “We manage to do different things with the same parameters”.
To learn more, visit their website.


Cedesa has a multidisciplinary team of specialized consultants who combine knowledge of strategy, business, communication and technology. This allows us to approach each action from a unique perspective, based on the specific needs and the specific reality of our clients’ businesses. We capture and interpret the clients’ needs by analyzing their business and establishing the challenges they face in order to achieve success.
To learn more, visit their website.

Gelderland Midden


lifesight.me provides an easy and always up-to-date scientific source for personalised lifestyle interventions. We enable this by making PubMed, the international library of all published medical science, far more easily accessible to doctors, dieticians, physiotherapists and other primary care suppliers. Our app gives articles in PubMed a 1-to-5 star rating based on the reliability of the study using data science and machine learning. Primary care professionals are, with lifesight.me, better equipped to supply their patients with personalised lifestyle advice.
To learn more, visit their website.
Contact: Véronique Nas, CEO


Taktify offers an intelligent resource allocation tool that automates the process of planning/administration in the at-home care organizations to help with better visibility and cooperation between the primary care in rural areas (including formal and informal caregivers) and secondary care (such as care organizations) by focusing on the wishes/requirements of both patients the healthcare professionals, optimally driving most-matched assignments and avoiding expensive (hospital) care. Our modular service will help planners in the at-home care organizations to fill in the gaps in a fraction of second and manage even more resources with peace of mind.
To learn more, visit their website.
Contacts: mozhdealiakbari@taktify.techinfo@taktify.tech

Anne4Care BV

Anne4Care BV was founded in 2017 and has developed an intelligent care assistant that uses speech recognition and synthesis technology. Its  track record has come about through participation in several large European projects, in which an Anne4Care BV is used by a target group of 150 in their daily lives.

Since 2020, Anne4Care BV has been successfully marketing their virtual assistant. Currently, 750 virtual assistants are active with vulnerable elderly people in the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.
Anne4Care BV has won several health innovation awards and participates in several joint projects to increase the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.
Anne4Care BV is led by Annemarie Johannes (CEO), a very experienced entrepreneur (30 years) from hospitality, event marketing and IT, and Gibby Koldenhof (CTO), who has more than 25 years of experience in software development and more than 15 years in system architecture as a development team leader.
To learn more, visit their website.
Annemarie Johannes, CEO
Gibby Koldenhof, CTO


OZO is a digital collaboration and communication platform where the citizen controls and also owns a personal account. In this way we support the citizen in taking control. An overview is created in the care network, people become able to connect with all players involved in their care, both from the medical and social domain and the formal and informal network (such as informal caregivers, friends).
Experience shows that connecting the network digitally strengthens people’s autonomy. They feel more involved with their (care) network, can decide for themselves who can participate in it and can follow mutual communication and actively participate themselves.
The use of care also improves because people can reach each other more easily, which saves time for the professional. OZO can be used for any citizen with a (care) network. OZO stays with the citizen and its network. Our motto is therefore: ‘You cannot involve the patient in their care, the patient can at most involve you in their care’. OZO is a secure solution to efficiently communicate with each other. OZO is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.
They are also recently B-Corp certified.
To learn more, visit their website.
Contacts: Leendert de Gelder



Photo by Krivec Ales from Pexels

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