The 4 regions

Deploying dRural Solution in line with local stakeholders and actors' needs

A demonstrator is a geographical area where the dRural Solution is deployed in local language, presenting its own brand and unique portfolio of local services. The deployment is led by a local promoter, being in charge of the management of the local instance and to guarantee its sustainability

Extremadura — Spain

Local Promoter: Adiper


Extremadura Region has the highest percentage (>50%) of rural population in Spain.

Half a million people live in Extremadura in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants in its 2 provinces, Badajoz and Cáceres



Ageing and chronic diseases management: Population over 65 years old represents 20.75 %;

Depopulation: The population in Extremadura has declined 11,5% between 2000 and 2018

Competitiveness of regional companies: Incorporate the digital transformation of traditional businesses

Jämtland Härjedalen — Sweden

Local Promoter: PEAK Region AB


Total population is 130.080 with roughly 50% in the only city. 25,5% of total population is +65 Years old, with a higher percentage in rural areas.



Health and ageing: The demography, with its ageing population, poses medical challenges as well as social services. In 2017 the ratio between ages 65+ and <19 was 1,14; expected to increase to 1,21 by 2030.

Economic growth of the Region: Attracting labour supply is a major challenge. There is also a challenge to tie up capital in rural settings.

Dubrovnik-Neretva — Croatia

Local Promoter: TERA Technopolis


Total population is 122.568 inhabitants. In Dubrovnik City live 34,77% of the population, the rest in others rural areas.



Fight against the depopulation and emigration to other EU countries. This emigration can be explained by economic reasons: better-paid jobs, insufficient economic growth on regional level, lasck of accessibility of public services (health care, transport).

Gelderland Midden — The Netherlands

Local Promoter: Health Valley


650.000 inhabitants, with rural areas accounting for 280.000 of them.



The Netherlands is known to have one of the best health care systems within Europe. However, the pressure of the aging population and increase in people with chronic diseases casts doubts on its sustainability towards the future. The demand on health and care organizations is expected to outgrow its capacity.