Extremadura region is one of the biggest regions in terms of extension in Spain (41,634 km2) presenting the highest percentage (49.1%) of rural population in Spain and the majority of this rural population (59,3%) lives in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants.


Extremadura has a clear leadership position in the traditional food, beverage, agribusiness, mining and energy sectors

The Extremadura Health Ecosystem is formed by the Regional Health (SES) and Care (SEPAD) system, both entities are coordinated by FundeSalud, the research foundation part of the Regional Ministry of Extremadura.

The regional development policy of Extremadura is based on the Research and Innovation Strategy for smart Specialisation, RIS 3, whose vision is to position the region as a space for innovation in sustainable management of natural resources for power generation and industrial uses, and for the application of technology to enhance the quality of life of the population.

For holidays, resting or weekend trips, Extremadura has a lot to offer in relation to the historical-artistic heritage of the region, nature and gastronomy. Also, it is worth mentioning the opportunity to practise outdoor sports.


Extremadura is one of the regions with the highest ageing rate in Spain (147.42%)

  • The Extremadura population decreases every year, bringing several challenges to the region
  • There is a lack of accessibility and connectivity by means of transport and a decline in the section of talent attraction, training and efficiency of human resources
  • However, for many years, the region has been committed to entrepreneurship and business development as one of the pillars of its growth and convergence with other European regions
  • To address these challenges, it has always taken into account the guidelines set by Europe and has adapted them to its territory.