Press Release − 09 Jul 2024

Reviving Rural Areas: The Digital Factor – dRural Video News Release Showcases Transformative Impact

The EU-funded dRural project has entered its final quarter, revealing significant improvements in the quality of life for rural inhabitants through a digital marketplace platform. A video news release highlights the project's success in Extremadura (Spain) and Dubrovnik-Neretva (Croatia).

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Press Release − 04 Jun 2024

Four new rural regions will adopt the dRural digital platform in France, Poland, Portugal, and Czech Republic to improve local markets

The EU-funded project dRural continues to extend its impact all over Europe through four new “mirror regions”- rural areas that will adopt the dRural digital platform to improve local markets. After the three pilots and the first group of mirror regions, the time for new replicators of the dRural metaplatform has come. Following the call launched in January 2024, four new demonstrators have been selected to implement local digital marketplaces. The new mirror regions are located in France, Poland, Portugal, and the Czech Republic and will soon start offering simple and complex services in various fields to local inhabitants.