dRural interviews: Ensuring the longevity of digitalisation in rural areas


News − 02 Jul 2024

dRural's partners and advisory board members share their knowledge on how to make digitalisation projects long-lasting in rural areas.

How can digitalisation ensure the longevity of rural areas?

As dRural approaches its conclusion, the need to reflect on its results and on the further potential of digitalisation in rural areas increases. The project has embarked on an ambitious journey to enhance the quality of life in rural areas through the implementation of digital services, making rural regions more appealing to young people and improving the overall well-being of local inhabitants. This series of video interviews provides a window into dRural’s sustainability, offering recommendations and best practices for effective management and implementation of digital marketplaces in rural areas.


Interview with Myriam Martin, International Project Manager at TicBiomed

Myriam Martin, the dRural project coordinator, delves into the project’s outcomes. Her interview sheds light on the critical role of identifying the needs of rural areas and inhabitants to provide tailored services. Myriam also shares some lessons learned throughout the project, such as involving key stakeholders and developing a medium-long term strategy. The project’s achievements can serve as a blueprint for future digital transformation efforts, guiding rural communities toward successful and sustainable digitalisation.


Interview with Davide Guariento, Director of the Association of Balkan Eco – Innovation

Davide Guariento, Director of the Association of Balkan Eco – Innovation, provides a strategic perspective on how rural areas should embrace for sustainability and future growth. His interview highlights the practical steps that can be taken to leverage digital services for economic development and community enhancement. An accurate analysis of the local market, the proper business model and diverse funding are key to ensure sustainability. Guariento’s expertise offers a clear path forward, illustrating how rural regions can capitalise on digitalisation to foster long-term sustainability.


Interview with Prof. Bart Nieuwenhuis, Professor at Department of High-Tech Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Twente

Prof. Bart Nieuwenhuis, a distinguished member of the dRural Advisory Board, focuses on the importance of developing technical and  project management skills to ensure sustainability of such projects. His recommendations underscore the importance of building robust competencies, encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives, and implementing effective impact measurement strategies. Nieuwenhuis’s insights are crucial for ensuring that digital transformations in rural areas are both substantial and quantifiable.

These interviews collectively present a narrative of innovation, opportunity, and sustainable development. They offer a wealth of knowledge for stakeholders interested in harnessing digitalisation to revitalise rural communities. Through these expert perspectives, the dRural project emerges as a beacon of progress, demonstrating how digital advancements can create a more connected and vibrant future for rural inhabitants.

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Picture: Jakub Żerdzicki on Unsplash

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