dRural Partners gathered for the latest Consortium Meeting in Enschede, Netherlands


News − 14 Jun 2024

The University of Twente hosted the dRural Consortium Meeting on 4 and 5 June 2024. The meeting focused on the project's sustainability and exploitation pathways.

On the 4th and 5th of June, partners of the dRural project gathered in Enschede, Netherlands, for a consortium meeting dedicated to sharing updates on the project’s progress. As the project enters its final months, the focus of the meeting was on exploitation strategies to ensure the sustainability and impact of the project outcomes.

Over the two days, hosted by the University of Twente, participants engaged in productive discussions and presentations, highlighting key achievements and milestones reached since the project’s inception. Each partner shared insights and updates on their respective work packages, providing a comprehensive overview of the project’s current status.

The meeting also featured interviews with project partners and advisory board members, aimed at sharing best practices and lessons learned throughout the project’s lifecycle. These interviews provided valuable insights into the experiences and strategies that have contributed to the project’s successes, fostering a deeper understanding of effective approaches to rural development.

In addition to updates and interviews, the meeting served as a platform for in-depth discussions on exploitation strategies. Partners explored ways to maximize the impact of the project beyond its official end date, ensuring that the tools, methodologies, and knowledge developed during the project will continue to benefit rural communities and stakeholders.

The consortium’s commitment to collaboration and innovation was evident throughout the meeting. By sharing expertise and working together, the partners aim to ensure the successful completion of the dRural project and its lasting legacy.

As the dRural project moves towards its conclusion, the consortium remains focused on achieving its goals and delivering valuable outcomes for rural development across Europe. The meeting in Enschede marked an important step in this journey, reinforcing the collective efforts and dedication of all partners involved.

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