Open call for Mirror Region

Become a rural game-changer

This Open Call for Mirror regions has been closed on April 20th, 2023.


Replicate dRural platform in your Region

dRural overall goal is to co-develop and implement a digital solution based on the exploitation of data from existing service platforms that deliver multiple innovative services to rural citizens while creating opportunities for economic growth and quality of life improvements. As such, the project aspires to become the service marketplace of reference for European rural areas.

dRural service marketplace has been tested in four European rural regions located in Spain, Sweden, Croatia and the Netherlands. dRural offers two types of services. Both will be offered through the marketplace.

  • Simple Services. Provided by small businesses and sole entrepreneurs, suppliers of services on the dRural marketplace.
  • Complex Services. Building new services through the Core Meta Platform by integrating external data platforms (and thus expected from organizations with more resources to build them)

Mirror Regions

Mirror Regions searched in around European rural regions

dRural aims to expand its concept, demonstrating its benefits and impacts beyond the current consortium coverage.
For this, the project will select 8 Regions (called Mirror Regions) from outside the consortium to come onboard to replicate the dRural platform.

Different types of services, different types of support

The selected Mirror Regions will be supported by the consortium partners to build their own marketplace and implement their own simple and complex services.

  • Technical support for deploying and customizing the dRural Platform.
  • Business support through business and ecosystem-building coaching.

Keep reading to know all the benefits you may have from providing dRural platform in rural areas at Mirror Regions or apply here.


Funding for applicants in mirror regions

  • 60,000€ grant to single regional promoters to build the business ecosystem and to set up the platform in a mirror region.
  • 120,000€ grant to consortia (regional promoters and SMEs will be funded with 60,000€ each.)

Target Applicants

Target Applicants

dRural is looking for single regional promoters and consortia of 2 complementary entities, a regional promoter + SME (IT developer):

  • Regional Promoters are European public or private entities (local promoters, local associations, local innovation hubs, NGOs, chamber of commerce, non-profit foundations, municipalities, cities halls, SMEs, etc.) that intend to provide services to a rural region or improve the current provision of services and marketplace. The entities must be based in the Mirror Region.
  • The call will also select consortia composed of a regional promoter that will develop the solution ecosystem, marketplace, and business model, and an SME (IT developer) that will be responsible for developing the technical aspects of the platform.

Closed calls

Mirror Regions

8 Single Regional Promoters or Consortia to expand the dRural concept by replicating the dRural Platform in Mirror Regions to build their own business marketplaces and offer different simple and complex services.