European Regions for greener, bluer and brighter digital transformation

12 Oct 2022, 16:30-18:00
SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre - Silver hall

European Week of Regions and Cities 2022: dRural and AURORAL projects join forces to raise awareness, understanding and critical reflection on the opportunities for rural areas and on their common goal they want to achieve through digitalisation.

In the framework of the upcoming European Week of Regions and Cities 2022, dRural together with our sister project AURORAL, have organized a High-level workshop.
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The objective is to promote co-designed solutions presented by the representatives of EU entities, institutions and the EU regions, sharing the best practices and supporting other EU regions to foster the creation of long-term strategic partnerships between EU organizations and its partners.
This session aims to foster a high-level political debate, presenting experiences and good practices with a focus on the green and digital transition, and on youth and its perspective in the future. It will focus on sharing political strategies, experience and good practices, and facilitating cooperation and networking, including contributions from the audience.
After the speakers’ presentations, a short debate and networking will be organized with all the speakers in order to open the floor to questions from the audience as well as giving the opportunity to share visions, concepts and strategies under the scope of smart communities, namely those predominantly rural.

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The speakers:

  • DG CONNECT Representative – TBC
  • Doris Marquardt, EU Commission, DG AGRI, Digitalisation, Innovation, Agriculture and Rural Development, Programme officer
  • Laura Kooij Manager Innovation and healthcare transformation, representing dRural project and Gelderland Midden pilot region
  • Joachim Hacker, European Center for Renewable Energy Güssing (EEE) Manging Director, representing the H2020-AURORAL project and Southern Burgenland pilot region

Marcos Nogueira, H2020-AURORAL Coordinator will moderate the workshop.

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