Gelderland Midden starting the Open Calls promotion

27 Sep 2022, 19:30-21:30
Gelderland Midden
The Netherlands

A series of information information meetings face-to-face and online happening to present dRural platform

Improving the quality of life of residents of rural areas by bringing care and well-being closer to them: that’s the common vision towards which Health Valley is working together with the Municipality of Lingewaard, Stichting Welzijn Lingewaard and Rijnstate.

Our regional digital service platform will be called “Samen Kwiek”, namely, “vital together“. The name clearly incorporates the vision to bring care and welfare together, focusing on prevention, services accessibility while avoiding expensive (hospital) care and making people feeling healthier and more comfortable.

To find out more about the platform and possible participation, an information meeting will be held on September 27 from 19:30 to 21:30 in the Theaterkerk in Bemmel. On September 28, this meeting can also be followed online at the same time. To date, 23 organizations will join the onsite meetings!

For more info on the event, please follow the links below [dutch]:

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