EU projects for digitalisation in rural areas

News − 26 Oct 2022

During the last edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities 2022, dRural and our sister project AURORAL, organized a High-level workshop "European Regions for greener, bluer and brighter digital transformation".

This workshop was aimed to promote the awareness of people in general, not just the relevant stakeholders and authorities, to achieve a better understanding and critical reflection of the needs in different rural areas.

Paula Peiró, the AURORAL Executive coordinator, moderated the session, while Carmen Carvalheira, Vice-President of  CCDR Alentejo, welcomed the audience with her first speech highlighting the importance of EU projects such as dRural and Auroral.
Next up, Doris Marquardt (Programme officer from European Commission, DG AGRI) in her intervention underlined the importance of digitalisation as one key to achieving environmental al socio-economic sustainability ambitions.
The workshop continued with an introduction of the projects’ Regions, by live partners’ presentations and recorded video testimonials.
Watch the dRural interviews on our youtube channel.

Serge Novaretti, Policy Officer and Programme Manager European Commission and DG CONNECT, showed the potentialities and the work made within
The session was closed by Marcos Nogueira, the AURORAL coordinator.

People were actively involved, particularly during the Q&A sessions showing interest and curiosity towards the projects’ solutions and the workshop topic.

Watch the full high-level workshop here:

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