dRural Mirror Regions Call winners

News − 29 Aug 2023

The dRural Open Call for Mirror Regions closed on 20 April, 2023. Now the project is ready to announce the winners.

dRural aims to expand its concept, demonstrating its benefits and impacts beyond the current consortium coverage.
For this, the project selected 8 Regions (called Mirror Regions) from outside the consortium to come onboard to replicate the dRural platform in their own rural areas.
Each Mirror Region is represented by two companies in a consortium composed of a regional promoter company and an IT development SME. They will work hand-in-hand to replicate the dRural platform and develop their own marketplace.

A new call for more Mirror Regions will be launched in the future. More details will be released soon.

Consortium 1


The Green Point is a fully operational and most advanced regional short food supply chain covering the process of production in a greenhouse and open-air fields, with logistics from own distribution center and different means of sales: gross sale, retail and online.
The Green Point SFSC is operated as a Living lab, based on a Multi-Actor Approach involving input industry and technology providers, primary producers, food businesses, consumers, citizens, local authorities, and other actors to co-create innovative systemic solutions in support of food systems sustainability goals.
Learn more on their website.


Digiotouch (DIGI) is a fast-growing deep-tech SME providing secure, sustainable Digital Transformation products and services. DIGI operates in four industry verticals – Digital Healthcare, Agri-Food, Industry 4.0, and Smart Cities. DIGI’s core competence is to digitize customers’ legacy business processes, operations, and assets using two core products – Cloud-based, secure Paradise IoT Platform and Digiotouch Edge. The company provides open standard-based digital solutions powering next-gen devices and services for the EU Digital Single Market initiative.
Learn more on their website.

Consortium 2

City of Gradiška

The main goal of the municipality is to actively develop the smart city concept, introduce services based on modern digital technologies and increase the quality of life of the people living in Gradiska. The municipality aims to become regional leaders in the innovation and digital transformation domain, leveraging experiences from the EU regions and organizations to develop further and customize based on the specific needs of Gradiska. The city administration has a team who is involved in the implementation of all projects.
Learn more on their website.


DunavNET is a global provider of turnkey solutions based on IoT and AI technologies for several industrial sectors. The agile, dynamic, and experienced team comprising software developers, data scientists, and agronomists, can quickly deliver high-quality results. The company actively work with and contribute to the research and innovation community, while supporting young researchers and innovators.
Learn more on their website.

Consortium 3

Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Rioja Alta (ADRA)

ADRA (Association for the Development of La Rioja Alta) is a non-profit, private and independent association. Its main objective is to promote and encourage rural development, taking into account the social, economic, environmental, cultural aspects that contribute to improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. The association operates in 32 municipalities of La Rioja Alta, located in the northwest region of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, covering an area of 576.14 km², which represents 11.46% of the entire region’s territory.
Learn more on their website.

dMillennial Rural Projects S.L.

Since 2018, dMillennial has actively contributed to the development of a more sustainable world by participating in projects managed in rural environments to combat one of society’s main problems: rural depopulation. The organization focuses on developing projects led by individuals born between 1980 and 1996 with a strong interest in rural development. To date, the company has implemented projects in more than 200 municipalities worldwide with the goal of gradually expanding its reach.
Learn more on their website.

Consortium 4


The AGRIFOOD PARTNERSHIP OF THE REGION OF WEST GREECE is a non-profit organization with a large number of public and private sector stakeholders. The purposes of the company are of public benefit and their achievement will be done without the distribution of profits to its partners, which will be reinvested by decision of a General Assembly. The Agri-Food Partnership attempts to present and promote local agricultural and agri-food products in the domestic and international markets through the development and strengthening of existing joint of other bodies (farmers, collective bodies, private bodies).
Learn more on their website.

Future Intelligence

Future Intelligence (FINT), an ICT and Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider in the areas of Smart Agrifood, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Energy and Smart Industry, was founded in Greece in 2009. FINT is the leading IoT device manufacturers in Greece. Current commercial and research activities include next generation networks (network virtualisation), sensor adaptation and data interpretation techniques, data mining and data provision through cloud-based applications, distributed computing techniques (EDGE computing) and big data analytics.
Learn more on their website.

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