The design of digital services platform advances in Extremadura

News − 07 Mar 2022

In mid-February, dRural's partners from Extremadura met at Cáceres Chamber of Commerce to advance on the design and promotion of the regional digital services platform.

The Extremadura Ecosystem is composed of the Town Council of Los Santos de Maimona, FundeSalud (Junta de Extremadura), the Chamber of Commerce of Badajoz, the Chamber of Commerce of Cáceres and Adiper Servicios Sociosanitarios. As part of the project, these partners meet regularly to  organise  the complex services that will be included in the dRural platform of Extremadura. The aim is to integrate existing digital platforms in the region into a single platform that connects potential end users with service providers in rural areas. This should help grow the region’s economy and improve the quality of life of citizens.


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Cover photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

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